Tuesday, March 9, 2010

GAW #1: Jonathan Coulton: Internet Rockstar/Zombie Killer

Here is the first official trading card for the Geek A Week project,Jonathan Coulton. Jonathan is currently on tour with They Might Be Giants, but I was lucky enough to catch him between cities for a nice chat. We spoke about a myriad of things, but when it came down to deciding what we were going to do for his trading card art, we hit a brick wall. One of the reasons, I think, is because I have drawn Jonathan in so many different ways. So to create a brand new image, especially one that isn't linked to one of his songs, was a challenge unto itself. In the end, the ideas we ended coming up with were something involving zombies and/or becoming an automaton and downloading information via a USB drive plugged into his face. Also, a Magneto-looking sort of monster.

After a ton of sketches (at which point, I should probably post as well) I opted for the Zombie Killer idea, sort of a Left4Dead vibe, which seemed to make sense to me during the process.

For those wondering, yes, a card back will be forthcoming later this week. I'm hoping to have cardbacks on all of the geek cards. So stay tuned for that!

UPDATE: Cardback added!


  1. Btw,are these available in any hard-copy format?I'd totally buy them.

  2. Very awesome!! Also agree with krsonman in that i'd totally buy them as well.

  3. Ditto the above. I'd love to buy actual trading cards - but only if they come packaged with a stick of nasty, petrified "gum".

  4. Any way you could link to the original files instead of the smaller JPEGs. I mean, if we're going to collect them, it would be cool to have easy access to the best available version. :D

  5. I was totally about to say what people above have said.
    Are you planning to perhaps sell them all as a pack of trading cards once you've done all 52?
    Or perhaps you could sell them by month?